Friday, May 4, 2012

Where's Gage??

Gage has been in the mode where when he hears one of us coming in the room he will  hide and jump out at us.  It's so funny becuase he always gives himself away before he jumps out.  But of course we always play along with "where's Gage?" or "I wonder where Gage went".  Most of the time after we say that we hear the sweet little giggle coming from under the blanket or from behind the couch.  

The other night I got so tickled as Gage laided under a blanket on my lap waiting for his Daddy.  Daddy enters the room and says "Where did Gage go?". As I respond "I don't know...." we hear "hehehehe" from under the blanket.  All I could think about was an episode of Friends.  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012

What a weekend!

This weekend is the first time that Gage has every been away from both Kelly and I.  There are times that he's been away from one parent or the other but has always been with Kelly or I.  I know, I know he's almost 4 but he was so sick the first two years of his life I was always afraid.  Silly I know, but true. 

My view on Friday evening

Last week Gage started saying that he wanted to go to his Uncle Jeff's house, and he kept on and on for a couple days so I figured that he was serious about going.  I called my sister Angie and asked if Gage could go down to her and Jeff's house for the weekend.  She was game, so a plan was born.  We decided to meet half way between her house and mine (she lives an hour away).  Gage was so excited he had been asking every day when he woke up if it was the day to go to Aunt Angie and Uncle Jeff's house. 

Gage sleeping at Aunt Angie and Uncle Jeff's house

Kelly and I decided that we would use the time alone to have a date night, something we haven't had but once since Gage was born. 

So Saturday I cleaned with the knowledge that no one would be around to mess it up for at least 24 hours.  I was so excited (it's the little things in life that makes you happy).  After that I did some shopping while Kelly was out riding his bike trails. 

That night we went to eat at Carino's, yummy!  The way to my heart is always pasta ;)  Then Kelly took me to the Big Dam bridge that runs from North Little Rock to Little Rock over the Arkansas River.

At first I thought that it was a little silly to walk across a bridge but at night it's lit up with colored lights and it's really pretty and kind of romantic.  We just walked to the middle and sat on the benches and talked for awhile before going back.  It was a really nice night out and we really enjoyed it.  After that we went to TCBY and decided to sit in the car and eat our treats and talk some more.  

It was really nice to take our time and not to rush through dinner and to be able to get out for awhile and just talk and enjoy each others company.  

I definitely missed my little man but he had so much fun and his aunt and uncle's house that it made me feel better about taking a weekend for Kelly and I.  I know we definitely won't wait another 3 1/2 years before doing it again.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Gage getting his "shimmering star" at school this week!

Monday, April 16, 2012


I know I know....I've been horrible about keeping this blog updated but I really need to start back since Gage is doing so many things now and it all seems to be flying by.

So here we go................

I was running errands a couple months ago and noticed signs had gone up that t-ball registration was starting. I didn't think too much about because I figured that t-ball didn't start until 4 so we would have to wait until next year. But while at a stop light I really got to read the banner and noticed that it was for 3 year old's!!

Gage has always loved playing ball in the house with his "bird" (Cardinal) bat and ball, so I was excited about signing him up. I started talking it up to get him excited as well.

The first practice came and went well.

Gage was pumped to bat and didn't understand why the coach didn't spend all his time working on that. So after patiently waiting through the fielding part of practice, it was finally time to bat.

He was so excited to finally be batting.

And after some coaching he made it on base.

Such a happy kid!

Last week was the Marlins' first game and it was against the Indians. Gage was so excited to get his uniform on and get ready for the big game.

At this age in t-ball they are just learning the basics; how to throw, bat, field the ball and how to play as a team. They don't keep score and only play for 45 mins to an hour.

This the first game I think for most of the players on both teams and it was probably the funnest thing I've seen in a long time. Everyone wanted to catch the ball when it was hit, it was thrown to the wrong person most of the time, some didn't want to drop the bat after they hit it, but at least all of them ran the bases in the correct direction!
At the end of the game they tired to line the teams up to shake hands and say good game but the kids didn't quite get it so they just stood in a clump and did it.

It will be neat to see at the end of the season where they are. Gage loves playing so I'm sure that we will be playing for years to come. Who know maybe he will be a professional baseball player. ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame

Stephanie and I got to talking a few weeks ago and thought that taking the families to a Travs game would be fun. So after some planning and checking schedules we decided on this Saturday. The Travs were home playing the North West Arkansas Naturals.

It was warm but there was a nice breeze so it wasn't so bad. The kids were so excited. Dakota and Lily had just been to their first ballgame while on a trip to Illinois and this was Gage's first so they were keyed up.

We ended up with great seats with a view of downtown.

We had hot dog, cotton candy, and cokes. All the yummy treats at the ball park.

Our view up the 3rd base line.

The kids also got their picture taken with Shelly but it's on camera. Just pretend it's here. =)

All in all everyone had a blast. Afterwords there was a fireworks show that was great.

I thought Gage might get scared but he loved it so the 4th of July will be a blast.

And to top it off the Travs won 2-0!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

Saturday we met up with Stephanie, Bryan and the kids to go to an Eggstranvangaza at a local church. It turns out so did the rest of the city and everyone they knew. Wow! I couldn't believe how many people were there.

Not sure what face im making here. Anyway, Gage was so excited to see all of the balloons and eggs.

Gage loved the egg hunt.

But, he wasn't too excited about the 10 egg limit. We probably should have gone to the 3-5 year hunt instead of birth to 2. But the candy inside make things a little better.

From there we rode the train.

The train took us up to the other side of the church where a special guest was waiting on us.

The Easter bunny! Gage was so excited I thought he was going to jump of the train to get to him.

After the train ride we passed by a coloring area which as soon as Gage saw this he started screaming "Colors! Colors! Colors!". So of course we stopped and colored for awhile.

Gage and Dakota colored to their hearts content.

After leaving the Eggstranvangaza we went to Grandma's for Easter dinner.

Of course we hunted eggs yet again. Which had even more candy. I think Gage has eaten more than his weight in candy.

Sunday morning Kelly and I were woken up by shouts of "Monkey! Monkey". Gage had gotten up and gone in the den to get his new shoes that light up (which is a whole other story) and found his Easter basket and the Curious George that "bunny" brought him. He completely missed the basket full of item next to it in his excitement. So once it had been established that the bunny had brought him monkey we went through his basket. In my half awake state I forgot all about taking pictures. I'm sure monkey will make several appearances in photos to come.

This afternoon we headed over to Stephanie and Bryan's to let the kids play. Lily and Dakota would hide the eggs and Gage would hunt them. They had a blast playing and hunting eggs. Gage is wore out. I'm hoping he takes a good long nap

We hope everyone had a great weekend too!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It was written all over his face

Just by the look on his face you can tell what he was thinking.